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Blue can help your guests and staff today !

Blue assists your guests instantly and reaches out to the right staff when necessary. Several staff tasks can be handled by Blue, so guests can feel the difference.

Blue can work across several of your hotel’s departments.

Front Desk

Wake-up Calls, Check-In / Check-Out and handle escalations


Request for any available amenity or Room Cleaning

Room Service

Explain the Menu and take a food or drink order


Make reservations, answer questions or make recommendations


Explain services, provide availability and make bookings


Request TV, A/C or other maintenance and follow-up with staff

Want to learn how Blue can help your guests and staff?

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Want to learn how Blue can help your hotel ?

Blue is great for your managers !

Blue intelligently allocates work to staff, follows up with tasks and escalates requests to your managers when necessary. This makes your manager’s life better and simpler.

Here are a few things Blue can do for your managers

Blue Improves Ratings

Blue ensures that guest complaints are heard instantly reducing bad reviews.

Blue Improves Revenue

Blue ensures that guest orders are never missed and serviced on time.

Blue Improves Value

Blue provides suggestions on investments needed to increase Hotel value.

Imagine this. Your managers are busy. They’re not always sitting in front of their computer, and they can’t be in every department at the same time. Blue acts like their eyes and ears in all departments so they don’t miss anything critical. It’s like having the power to be in several places at the same time.

Want to learn how Blue can help make your manager’s life simpler?

Why Hire Blue?

Blue is the smartest person you will add to your team in 2018.

Blue is always learning.

Blue learns from staff and guest interactions every day.

Blue is multilingual.

Blue speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and more.

Blue gets it done.

Blue ensures that your guests get what they need, leading to higher ratings for your hotel.

Blue is great for hotel owners!

Blue can help you increase your hotel’s revenue by understanding when to engage with the guest. Blue knows how to capitalize on opportunities, like when a guest wants to order food, buy something, or needs a recommendation. With Blue, you’ll never miss a revenue opportunity.

Find out how you can use Blue to increase RevPAR, reduce operating costs and earn more 5-star reviews.

In this free case study, you’ll discover how Blue can:

  • Save you $96,630 per year in operating costs
  • Compel your guests to leave you more 5-star reviews WITHOUT requiring any additional time or effort
  • Dramatically reduce the instance of service request drop-offs
  • Combat rising labor costs
  • Virtually eliminate long lines at the front desk and extended hold times when calling
  • Ensure a guest never misses a wake-up call
  • Set up spa appointments for your guests
  • Schedule a room cleaning request
  • Answer questions about local attractions and things to do
  • Become the smartest employee at your hotel
  • Stop moody employees from harming your hotel’s reputation
  • Entice even more guests to stay at your hotel
  • Position your hotel as the most cutting edge, tech-savvy option in your area