What can Blue do?

Blue is revolutionizing the hotel industry by providing the smarter guest experience.

Blue for your hotel guests

Blue is a smart digital person that can be reached using any of the devices your guests use today. Guests can connect with Blue through Google, Alexa, or similar devices. Guests can also text Blue or chat with Blue online.

For Every Hotel, No Matter How Big Or Small

Blue Text

Hotel guests can text Blue from anywhere inside the hotel.

Guests aren’t always in their room. Even when they’re by the bar, pool, restaurant, rooftop, lounge, elevator, lobby or parking area, they can still reach Blue and get an immediate response or assistance from anywhere in the hotel.

For Luxury, Upscale and Midscale Hotels

 Blue Voice

Hotel guests can talk to Blue using an in-room Alexa or Google device.

Blue works with Alexa, Google and several other smart speakers. Guests no longer need to use the in-room phone. They can simply say “Hey Google, ask Blue where can I find the room service menu,” and Blue will reply via the Google or Alexa device.

For International Travelers And Foreign Guests

Blue Fish

Hotel guests can speak with Blue in their own language.

Blue speaks several languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and more. Blue acts as a translator between your guest and staff and ensures that all communication is translated correctly.

For Guests Requiring Privacy

Blue Private

Protect your guests’ privacy when using Alexa, Google, and other in-room devices.

Guests can simply say, “Hey Alexa, ask Blue to go private,” to prevent the device from recording your guests’ sensitive conversations. Guests can comfortably engage in private conversations without the fear of being recorded.

Blue for your hotel staff & managers

Hotel staff and managers can also interact with Blue in the same way. They have access to all the interactions between Blue and your hotel guests and can get detailed insights on what’s happening at the hotel.

For The Front Desk And Other Departments

Blue Hub

Check in with Blue, view requests and chat with Blue.

Blue Hub allows your staff to check-in the Guest with Blue. The Hub is also how you view and manage all Service Requests. Blue Hub also allows your staff and managers to talk to Blue and clarify any questions Blue has.

For General Managers And Hotel Owners

Blue Analytics

Understanding guest requests and behavior.

Blue Analytics gives hotel management great insights into guest needs and ensures that staff’s time and hotel investments are spent in the right way. This ensures that the hotel is run more efficiently and that capital investments get the best results.