See Blue In Action

Watch how Blue can gives a Wake-up call, Orders Food and more.

For Business Travelers

Wake-up Call Request

Watch how Blue handles wake-up call requests for your guests. Guests will wake up for their important meeting or flight on time and won’t miss anything important because they woke up late.

Benefit: Guests always wake up on time, are happier and rate the hotel higher.

For Any Guest

Bath Towel and Breakfast Requests

Watch how Blue ensures that both towels and breakfast are delivered to the room without needing to call the front desk.

Benefit: Guests always get their towels and breakfast on time without a reminder phone call to the front desk. This makes guests happier,
which leads to higher hotel ratings.

For Vacationers

Clean Room Request

Watch how Blue ensures your guests’ rooms are cleaned without needing to hunt down a housekeeper or manager.

Benefit: Guests can request their room to be cleaned before they arrive. Cleaner rooms improve guests’ moods, which leads to higher hotel ratings.