How to Put The Profit Back In Room Service

by Ed Water CEO of Ask Blue

Room service profits have decreased by 25% since the recession. Hotels face steep competition for food and beverage spend from neighboring restaurants that offer delivery and on-demand delivery apps like Uber Eats.

So how can hotels increase revenue in their Food and Beverage (F&B) department without fruitless spending or adding manpower? How can room service become the easiest, best option for your hotel guests?

The Mind Of A Hungry Traveler

A business traveler with a corporate credit card arrives to your hotel. All she wants to do is go upstairs and relax, but she’s hungry. She isn’t familiar with the your local neighborhood your hotel is in, so she doesn’t know of any good local restaurants in the area. She goes upstairs, kicks off her shoes and opens up one of her reliable food delivery apps. An hour later, the delivery driver waltzes past your hotel restaurant and away with your hotel’s profits on her food purchase. Worse, food you expected to sell that evening may end up in the bin tomorrow as it expirers. That’s like taking $100 bills and lighting them on fire.

Easier Than An App

When hotels utilize an AI-powered in-room device like Ask Blue, the hungry traveler has an even easier option for food than any of her apps offer. In the above scenario, instead of having to sift through dozens of digital menus to find the best food option, all she needs to do is Ask Blue what’s available.

A typical conversation would look something like this:

Her: Hey Alexa, Ask Blue what’s available for room service.

Blue: In room dining specials for tonight include grass fed burgers, grilled chicken salad, and spinach ravioli.

Her: I’ll take the ravioli. I’d like it as soon as possible.

Blue: I’ll get your order started right away.

And since Ask Blue makes it so easy to order in-room dining, the odds that the same hotel guest orders multiple times over the course of their stay is greatly increased.

Reduce Waste

Did you order too much of a particular food that will expire soon? Or maybe there’s a surplus of a dish that’s just not selling well? Your kitchen manager can set up a special and advertise it using Ask Blue. You can reduce food waste while increasing revenue in just a few minutes.

Replace An Employee

With Ask Blue, you’ll no longer need to pay for an employee to stand by the phone and take orders. Ask Blue can be integrated with your current system to trigger an automatic order. Not only that, but Blue effectively removes the human error element to order taking. Blue will follow up with relevant staff until the food has been made and delivered.

Use Data To Inform Your Kitchen

Ask Blue collects data after every interaction with the guest. Want to know when a guest asked what kind of food was offered but failed to order? Or what the most popular dishes through in-room dining are over the past month? Hotel owners and kitchen staff can use this data to make informed menu offerings. The more your hotel offers that guests like, the more they’ll spend and the happier they’ll be.

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